LCC Degree Show

30th May  – 4th June 2018

London College of Communication,

Elephant and Castle


USHER SYNDROME, Moorfield Eye Hospital, London

Leading NHS eye hospital, Moorfields, has collaborated with Open Senses, a London-based Art Festival, and Sense to showcase a deafblind artist Marcus Innes who uses design and photographic art to depict life with sight loss.

I collaborated with Marcus as a photographer to support him in delivering the visions.

The exhibition is open to the public from 10am-5pm in the optometry corridor at Moorfields Eye Hospital at City Road.


XHIBIT 2017, Bermondsey Art Project Space, 2017

The project conveys animal features that are not commonly seen or thught about when we imagine the animals we consume. It exhibits what is hiding behind Carnism – the invisible belief system in which earing certain animals is considered ethical and appropriate.

We often fail to make the connection between food and its animals source. Supermarkets are packed with pork, bacon, chicken wings and other frozen or ready-to-eat meats, but the emotional esponse instatly changes to disgust when we look at anything else other than what we are used to seeing on our plates.

The perspective we have when we look at animals has changed. I have sourced some unusual parts of these ‘objects’ and set them up in a less distressing format. They are almost like sculptures showing us more of the animalism than just the meat we buy in shops.