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Digital Embodiment: Disjointed Body

This project is work of many ideas, not one. It can be defined as a visible manifestation, expression or representation of an idea. I chose to work around this topic because I feel like our generation will live long enough to see the emergence of the new species or whatever will the near future bring us.

The new life-forms generate, and are generated, within new environments, or maybe a ‘cyborganized’ order, that makes “thoroughly ambiguous the difference between natural and artificial, mind and body, self-developing and externally designed, and many other distinctions that used to apply to organisms and machines” (Haraway, 2005, p. 152) As I stated above the human body defines us, therefore I must consider the similarities of a human being and a robot that carries the major human body features – head, body, arms, legs, feet. We have learnt a lot from art when it comes to the evolution of human body by studying any visual traces such as paintings, sculptures, etc.


The post-human body maintains distinctly human features and parts of body while adopting the hard and sleek features of the post-human. It’s escaping the category of identity, gender or race. The enigmatic figure living in the monsters world of ambiguity exists in the intersection of science, technology and culture. The new digital environment has evolved from our current environment that is increasingly wired, sensor-filled, and digitally connected—and so are we! We made our digital environment and the environment made us.



Tricolor.pngPersonal Manifesto, Mannequin, 2015

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Awarded Commission Work

251 Project, London, 2017


Site-Ing Image,  2015

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